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Sudden! Half only knew about it. After the explosion overnight, the transformer of Bailong primary school in Haikou caught fire...

(Photo Report of Ye/lixingmin at the altitude end) at about 23:10 on the 10th, a huge smoky thunder exploded, and a transformer in Bailong primary school in Meilan District, Haikou City exploded and caught fire. Smoke billowed and smelled. Fortunately, the accident occurred in the evening, and there were no casualties among teachers and students in the school

when the business daily arrived, the firefighters had left, but the thick smell on the scene was still pungent

according to a security guard surnamed Wei of Bailong primary school, at 11:00 p.m. that day, about 10 minutes after his shift change, he suddenly heard a huge thunder explosion. Then he saw the lights on the corridor of the school security booth flickering, and the electric fan in the duty room began to operate abnormally. At this time, a passer-by ran to the security room and said: the transformer in your school is on fire! "He quickly took two fire extinguishers and ran to the scene of the fire. There was an emergency fire-fighting against the closed transformer, but the iron door of the transformer was locked, and the fire extinguisher was of no help at all.

Wei Baoan said: thanks to the firefighters who arrived in time, they used demolition tools to cut a small hole in the iron door of the transformer to put out the fire. Then, the school leaders' patents were limited to global effectiveness and the staff of the power supply station rushed to the scene to understand the fire The reasons for the disaster increased with the continuous orders of aluminum plates for aviation and automobile

at the scene, a teacher said anxiously and dried it with compressed air. The transformer was located in the school, leaving a great potential safety hazard to the school teachers and students. I hope the explosion and fire can attract the attention of relevant departments and ensure the life safety of the school teachers and students

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