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Lishui spray paint factory was on fire and exploded, and there was a tremor in the building hundreds of meters away.

Lishui spray paint factory was on fire and exploded, and there was a tremor in the building hundreds of meters away.

April 18, 2013

[China paint information] in the early morning of a fire, the roof of a spray paint factory in Chishan Industrial Zone, Lishui, South China Sea burned down. Because there were flammable and explosive substances such as Tennessee in the workshop, it took firefighters three hours to put out the fire by covering it with foam

the painting factory on fire is located on the side of Chishan industrial zone near Guanli Road, which is also separated by an automobile repair factory. At about 0:30 yesterday, the paint factory caught fire. The security guard of the garage called the boss at the first time. The boss immediately asked the workmates to rush back to the factory and drive out about a dozen cars in the garage. "Two friends in need can contact the experimental machine factory. The factory is next to a wall. If it burns over, it won't be a big trouble." The owner of the garage said. The landlady of the nearby Recycling Bin said that everyone was worried about the explosion in the factory, and people living along the street ran to Liguan road to prevent being accidentally bombed

in fact, at the time of the incident, the paint factory was still rushing to work, and many workers were working overtime. After the fire, the workers evacuated one after another. Lishui fire department rushed to the scene at the first time. The clerk of a furniture store on Liguan Road, about 100 meters away from the paint factory, said that after the fire officers and soldiers arrived, about 1 o'clock, the paint factory exploded, and a huge noise shook the buildings. The owner of the recycle bin also said that after the fire, there were several explosions, but the explosion was too loud at more than 1 o'clock, which scared the onlookers to run away

shortly after Lishui fire department arrived at the scene, Dali fire squadron also arrived 1 Check the models and operation site support on the spot. The fire inspection electromechanical rotation direction Department dispatched a total of 7 fire engines. Because there were a lot of paint and flammable and explosive Tianna water in the fire workshop, the fire commander decided to use foam to extinguish the fire

the fire department said that the reason why foam was used to extinguish the fire was that it was difficult to extinguish items such as Tianna water with water that met the requirements of the metal low-temperature Charpy impact test method

at more than 3 a.m. yesterday, after more than 3 hours of fighting, the fire in the paint factory was put out. The accident did not cause injuries, and the cause of the fire is under investigation

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