The fire broke out in the same place after nine da

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The fire broke out again in the same place after nine days, and the fire "besieged the city" scared the couple

the impact of the epidemic on the testing machine industry again in the same place after nine days. At more than 1:00 a.m. yesterday, a garbage dump near Xi'an Xitang in Yuqi jade ignited a fire of nearly 7 trillion yuan, with a fire area of dozens of square meters. Fortunately, the fire was discovered by nearby residents in time, and then firefighters tried their best to put it out, causing no loss

the site of the incident is located in the open space not far from Yuxi Sabbath hall, surrounded by many old private houses that have not been demolished, and a large amount of garbage is piled here in the open air. When they arrived at the site of the incident, the fire was burning, engulfing a garbage dump with an area of dozens of square meters. Firefighters were fighting the fire, and several residents around were shoveling garbage. It can be said that the microcomputer was operating away from the house to prevent the fire from spreading

not far from the garbage heap, there is a small house on the first floor, where Ms. Qian and her husband, Mr. Liu, rent. Ms. Qian said that at about 1:20 a.m., she was woken up by the crackling sound from outside the house. At first, she thought it was raining heavily outside, so she asked her husband Mr. Liu to come out to check. This view scared Mr. Liu. At this time, there were four garbage piles around the house, which had ignited a fire at the same time, and the fire almost surrounded the house layer by layer. Mr. Liu looked at the wind again and found that the fire might burn to the house. He hurriedly called the police and took self-help measures to shovel away the garbage from a distance. The couple didn't let down until the fire brigade arrived at the scene

firefighters quickly set up water guns to spray after arriving at the scene. After 20 minutes of rescue, the fire was completely extinguished. After confirming that there will be no rekindling, firefighters pack up equipment and withdraw

speaking of the fire at the scene, Mr. Liu and his wife still had lingering palpitations. They said that during the Spring Festival, a fire also broke out here, and the time was less than 2 a.m., which was also due to the fire in the garbage heap. That time was not so lucky as this time, because Mr. Liu and his family went back to their hometown for the Spring Festival, and no one found a fire. According to the "2018 (2) 023 analysis report on the market outlook and investment strategic plan of China's new energy vehicle industry" released by the prospective Industry Research Institute, the house was also ignited, and the cottage where Mr. Liu's father-in-law lived was burnt down in the fire. Fortunately, it was discovered by the staff of the local sanitation Institute at that time, which did not cause greater losses. The day before yesterday afternoon, Mr. Liu and his family had just returned to Wuxi from their hometown. Before the last damaged house could be repaired, they unexpectedly encountered a fire again. Mr. Liu also said that fortunately, the fire was found in time, otherwise the house might be harmed again

according to Mr. Liu, his family has lived here since 1998. At present, there is only one family around the dump. Some of the houses are owned by the landlord, and some of them were built temporarily by themselves later. Due to historical changes, this area was owned by the local sanitation Institute in 2014, and garbage was piled here. Mr. Liu and his family continued to live here without notice. Mr. Liu thought it strange that there had never been a similar fire before, but recently such things happened one after another, and he was worried about safety. The cause of the accident is still under investigation

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