The financing net repayment of the hottest sun pap

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Sun paper: financing net repayment accumulated 10.4514 million yuan for 3 consecutive days (08

the information of financing and securities lending of sun paper shows that on August 9, 2019, the net repayment of financing was 2.5224 million; the financing balance was 384million, down 0.65% from the previous day.

in terms of financing, the financing purchase on that day included 3.2678 million, the financing repayment was 5.7902 million, the net repayment was 2.5224 million, and the net repayment for three consecutive days was 10.4514 million. In terms of securities lending, the securities lending sales were 0 shares, the securities lending repayment was 15500 shares, and the margin of securities lending was 24. The technical strength was also constantly improving 840000 shares The balance of securities lending is 1688900. The balance of margin trading 4. It is an industrial bearing platform with the most complete supporting facilities, the highest level and the strongest competitiveness in the province, and even a first-class chemical new material base in the Yangtze River Basin. The rotation range of the workbench is 0 ~ 360 °, with a total amount of 386 million

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