The most appropriate preset prepress ink

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Properly preset prepress ink

in order to improve the utilization rate of paper and implement the awareness of lean management in every step, printing enterprises need to strengthen the training of employees to make them clear their awareness and improve their skills, so as to control the scrap rate. In addition, whether it is prepress production inspection or ink control in India, the company needs to emphasize again and again to form rules and regulations

strengthen training to control the waste newspaper rate

in the cost control of newspaper printing enterprises, the control of waste newspaper rate has always been a very important link, which not only affects the production cost, but also relates to the timeliness of newspaper printing

in order to control the rate of waste newspaper, Huashang Digital Information Co., Ltd., where the author works, has strengthened staff training from two aspects: going out and inviting in. The company has sent nearly 20 technical backbones to Germany for training for many times, and selected excellent employees to exchange and study with well-known domestic printing enterprises such as the people's press printing house. After learning, everyone should carefully write the training experience, share the good experience with the team members and improve together. When improving the port layout, the company will invite academic and industry experts to the company for professional training every year, requiring all personnel to carefully take notes in the training and participate in the unified assessment after the training. The training is not a formality, and the participants must learn something

the company also holds technical competitions from time to time. After setting up business models, everyone has a benchmark to learn and is more targeted. In addition, taking machines as the unit, we will carry out job competition assessment, and set off an atmosphere in the workshop where everyone learns technology and catches up with and surpasses others. The evaluation form for comprehensive management of machines published every month includes printing quality, timeliness of publication, yield, machine hygiene, error rate, etc. after comprehensive evaluation, the company will reward the good and punish the bad. Each team will also evaluate the top three in the quality assessment every month and reward them. In this way, an atmosphere of finding gaps and learning from each other has been consciously formed among the units, which promotes the rapid improvement of the overall skills of the team

in the specific rewards and punishments, the company follows the principle of giving priority to encouragement, and the large-scale experiment speed is 500mm/min; When purchasing large 1000mm/min, the punishment will be based on the actual situation, and the bonus will be far greater than the fine. Under various clear reward and punishment systems, there are fewer errors. The base was selected as the first batch of strategic emerging industry convergence and development base in Anhui, which has high efficiency, reduced costs, sufficient motivation, and the overall technical ability of the team has entered a higher level

under a variety of measures, the company has achieved remarkable results in the control of reporting timeliness and scrap rate. In kba75 production line, our scrap rate can be controlled below 0.3%. In uniset60 production line, our waste newspaper rate is the highest. Only in this way can we have normal business and work. The low rate can be controlled at about 0.8%, which is a good level in the same industry

properly preset prepress ink

soldiers and horses are not moving, and food and grass are first. Prepress ink preset link for reducing the scrap rate is no different from the important link that determines the victory or defeat of the war. After the operator gets the printing plate, first determine the printing unit to which the printing plate belongs, and then pre adjust the corresponding ink consumption to a reasonable range according to the graphic area of the page. After that, fully mix the ink in the ink bucket and ink the ink glue. The amount of ink should be based on experience. If there is too much, it will cause the phenomenon of pasting after starting printing, too much printing ink, too much water and too much ink, and it will also cause a lot of waste newspapers, and the gains outweigh the losses. In this case, we will roll away the excess ink with clean paper in advance to reach the appropriate state. If there is too little ink, the printed matter will turn white at first, and the ink is not easy to balance. When the operator adjusts the ink color and can receive the report, the scrap rate has quietly increased. Proper ink presetting can make the ink balance in one step after turning on and pressing. In addition to the need to fine tune the ink volume, there are at least a dozen waste reports when turning on

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