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Attractive new beer packaging technology (Part 2)

III. new beer labels and beer bottle caps

1. Vacuum aluminized beer label technology is expected to replace metal aluminum foil

at present, the "vacuum aluminized beer label technology" developed by German "Shihao" high-tech introduced from Shantou, Guangdong Province fills the blank of domestic beer label paper printing and is expected to replace metal aluminum foil technology

this aluminized paper has the same visual effect as metal aluminum foil, but it is pure paper. The luxurious luster, excellent embossing quality and first-class white printing performance greatly save costs. At the same time, this technology has the characteristics of excellent retention and bottle washing speed in ink printing

2. The world's first insulated beer can label

multi color company of the United States and DuPont jointly provide Labatt brewing company with an insulated label system solution for its 473 ml Labatt bluepilsener beer can. Lanatt bluecold one beer cans were launched in Canada in May this year. Different from traditional beer cans, labattbluecoldone beer cans are coated with a layer of DuPont cool2go, which acts as a thin insulating sleeve to prevent beer from being affected by hand heat, compression and temperature rise. Once the beer is frozen, the insulating sleeve can keep the beer cold for a longer time than traditional cans

3. At present, fake and inferior products are flooding the market, so the problem of anti-counterfeiting has attracted the attention of more and more manufacturers. At the same time, this also puts forward new requirements for packaging, that is, packaging should have the purpose of anti-counterfeiting

there are generally two forms of packaging anti-counterfeiting. One is that the packaging itself can prevent counterfeiting. For example, BOPP laser anti-counterfeiting shrink film packaging and perspective holographic media packaging belong to this form. Another form is to paste anti-counterfeiting marks on the outside of the product package. At present, this is the mainstream of anti-counterfeiting

4. Beer bottle cap with oxygen absorption function

this smartcap crown cap launched in the United States, with an oxygen absorbing compound liner embedded in the cap, can absorb the oxygen at the top gap of the beer bottle through the small hole on the liner, and can extend the shelf life of beer from 3-4 months to 4-6 months

5. A barrier sealing cover that can absorb the contents and the residual oxygen in the top gap, developed and produced by Italian pariconi (P1 some customers with large purchase volume tear down two 3M continuous roll bags elliconi), is called "dapsorbsolar". This cap is a snapfitcap for plastic beer bottles. In addition to beer, it can also be used for fruit juice, alcoholic beverages and other products

there is another product called "Mp30 `" high barrier sealing cap, which is a stamping one-piece open-ended cap combined with oxygen absorbent in the cap, is suitable for the sealing cap of low-cost beer bottles in developing countries.

6. Novel bottle cap

German jaycare company launched a kind of easy to open bottle cap, which is specially designed for the elderly, the weak and patients. When using, press a button gently, and the built-in spring sheet acts, so that a hole can be opened on the bottle cap, that is, it can be poured out of the hole, It is convenient and does not need to loosen the bottle cap with force

POLYTOP company of Germany has successfully developed a special bottle cap that can prevent children from opening the bottle and can automatically measure. On this bottle cap, there is a narrow gap. After reversing the bottle, the liquid in the container flows out through the narrow gap. Once the specified dose is between 5mm and 50mm, it will automatically stop flowing out, and the measurement is accurate. In addition, bemas also developed a square bottle cap, which can be matched with square mouth polyethylene bottles of 125mm, 200mm and 250mm, and can tightly cover the bottle mouth

7. Anti counterfeiting packaging technology of beer bottles by laser printing

laser printing is an ideal anti-counterfeiting technology, which has a good effect when combined with anti-theft cover. After the liquor is filled, sealed and capped, the laser printing technology is carried out at the joint between the lid and the container, so that the upper half of the font is printed on the lid and the lower half is printed on the container, while the printing on the container is intact, and the printing left on the container can not be erased to form a permanent mark. Therefore, it is very difficult to use this wine bottle to fake. Because this technology requires high investment in equipment, and these equipment are used on the packaging site, it also has good anti-counterfeiting effect

IV. switching from glass bottles to polyester bottles

for a long time, most beer has been packaged in glass bottles. Polyester beer packaging replaces the traditional glass beer packaging, which has advantages in three characteristics: safety, light weight and fashion. The key to its technical and economic feasibility lies in its two-way barrier performance and price cost. The development of the market needs the joint efforts of both inside and outside the industry. It can be expected that we will soon usher in the era of great changes in beer packaging. The high-quality and low-cost polyester bottle beer packaging will gradually replace or mostly replace the glass bottle beer packaging

1. Now, the application of multi-layer technology and inner coating technology in polyester bottles has well extended the shelf life of polyester bottled beer. Its main advantages are that it has strong oxygen separation performance, carbon dioxide leakage is less than 15%, the shelf life reaches national industrial standards, and the taste of beer remains basically unchanged

the French company Sidel has developed a new high shielding coating technology for PET beer. This technology adopts high hydrogenated amorphous carbon coating treatment: the inner surface of PET beer bottles, called "ACTIS" technology, is made into coated beer bottles with high shielding (oxygen shielding and humidity shielding) performance. Compared with uncoated PET bottles, the oxygen shielding performance of this bottle is improved by 30 times, the carbon dioxide resistance is improved by 7 times, and the shelf life of the bottle can also be extended to one year.

2. The characteristics of ACTIS coating process is that a layer of 0.1 is coated on the inner wall of PET bottles μ M thick, food safety grade electric ion gaseous high hydrogenated amorphous carbon. The physical and chemical properties of the coating layer are extremely stable, and the compatibility is excellent. The coated carbon molecules will not migrate into beer, which is extremely safe and reliable, and complies with the provisions of the food law. The coating process only uses 3mg amorphous carbon, which can reach the coating treatment of one 500ccpet beer bottle, and the weight of the coating cloth is only 1/1000 of the weight of the whole package. Moreover, the standard requirement of 100ppb of monthly oxygen permeability of the PET bottle (1/10 million) is much lower than the standard requirement of 1000ppb of monthly oxygen permeability of beer. Through the storage test of 6 months, the external permeability loss of carbon dioxide in ACTIS coated PET bottle is only 6%, meeting the requirement of 10%

3. Swedish TetraPak company has also developed a barrier PET bottle with "Glassin" technology. The "Glassin" technology is to coat the inner surface of brown PET bottle with transparent silicon dioxide, which has the characteristics of high gas barrier and maintaining the original flavor of the bottle. The barrier layer is not easy to peel off and the gas absorption is low. The process can form a glass like barrier coating with a thickness of 50 nm ~ 100 nm on the inner wall of the bottle. The shelf life of beer or fruit juice filled in this bottle can be extended to 12 months. The system can handle 18000 PET bottles with a capacity of less than 2L per hour, and has been applied in spendups, Sweden, with a good market prospect. In addition, PET bottles are lighter than glass bottles and easy to carry

4. another notable is nano nylon for packaging. Aegisox developed by Honeywell of the United States is said to contain undisclosed oxygen getters. The nano clay in aegisox is used as a passivation barrier layer, and an appropriate amount of oxygen getter is used as an oxygen getter. The oxygen permeability of this passivation activity combination material is 1/100 of nylon-6, and the amount of oxygen infiltration is almost zero. Aegisox, as the barrier material of three-layer polyester (PET) bottles, makes the PET bottles meet the shelf life requirements of beer for 4 months and fruit juice for 6 months, which is comparable to glass bottles. The passivation barrier layer of this combined technology can prevent the premature consumption of oxygen getter, and the uniform dispersion of nanoparticles can make the oxygen getter point to the place where oxygen is easy to appear, so as to improve the overall barrier efficiency. Honeywell believes that this barrier system can compete with any other existing beer barrier packaging, and fully meet the requirements of oxygen infiltration and carbon dioxide leakage within 120 days. It believes that through further careful adjustment of the process, the 180 day quality guarantee requirement can be fully achieved, which will promote and accelerate the process of beer packaging from glass to polyester bottles

5. The application of nano pet and nanotechnology in the field of packaging has just started, but it has attracted people's attention. Recently, a functional nano breathable polyethylene wax developed by a company in Zhejiang Province has the special function of permeability and impermeability. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a kind of polymer material with excellent comprehensive properties. Nano pet adopts a kind of inorganic layered silicate minerals produced in China, and the successfully developed nano composite PET resin will greatly improve the heat resistance compared with the commercial pet resin due to its unique molecular structure. It has also developed a unique nano PET production process, which is scientific and innovative, and can greatly reduce the cost, so that the stability of its product quality can be fully guaranteed. It is completely different from nano pet modified by ordinary blending methods. It has a broad market application prospect and can be used in the field of beer packaging. Honey well also introduced a kind of aegis OC nylon resin suitable for plastic bottles, which contains nano-sized chemically active organic 0, scavengers and clay nanoparticles. Sandwiching this nanocomposite between pet layers can produce a lightweight plastic bottle that can isolate oxygen and maintain beer like glass. The food stored in this bottle can last up to 48 months. In addition, a new type of environmentally friendly beer bottle made of nano plastic has come out. It not only solves the problem of explosion, but also can be recycled and reused. Because the protein contained in beer is prone to oxidation and cannot be kept fresh for a long time, it is difficult to keep in general plastic bottles. Nano plastics not only have high strength, good heat resistance, but also have excellent gas barrier properties

6. China's beer industry mostly adopts the technology of pasteurization after filling, so using pen or copolymerization and blend with PRT as raw materials and molding through the current pet bottle blowing equipment and process is the development direction of beer plastic packaging suitable for China's national conditions, which deserves the attention of relevant departments and enterprises

7. New PET beer bottle production line

recently, SIPA company in Italy developed a disposable pet beer bottle production line. From PET particles to finished bottles is an assembly line. The oxygen content of PET beer bottles produced is very low. The newly produced bottles are immediately coated, colored, filled and capped. It can prevent the bottle wall from absorbing oxygen and releasing it into the product. The bottle is ultra clean, which also saves the place for placing the bottle and the sterilization process. Moreover, the color and coating of the bottle are easy to recycle after being removed, and the bottle can be coated for reuse. This kind of PET bottle (subject to industrial and commercial registration) can ensure the quality of beer and reduce the cost

low packaging cost and exquisite packaging effect should be a realm pursued by packaging enterprises. The product packaging should not be too gorgeous, which will increase the packaging cost, which is very convenient for carrying out the research work with load as the variable, and will be transferred to consumers. Scientists choose two commercial machines on the market: sharebot next generation and rokit 3dison multi

Author: Chen Xirong

source: China Packaging News

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