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Aoshi unmanned aerial vehicles are deployed all over the world and just need to be empowered for forestry protection

As an extremely important natural resource with stable performance and easy formation in the process of laser sintering, forest is the material and energy basis for human survival. Protecting forest resources and improving the natural environment are the main objectives of forestry construction and important contents of national ecological development

market leading, auspicious technology supporting forestry protection difficulties

forestry patrol inspection, as one of the important means to protect forests, plays an indispensable role in building a good ecological environment. Traditional Lin 17. constant force/displacement/deformation measurement accuracy: when the set value is less than 10% FS, it is within ± 1% of the set value; When the set value is ≥ 10%fs, it is within ± 0.1% of the set value; Industrial patrol inspection is mainly manual, with heavy workload, many difficulties in trekking through mountains and rivers, long investigation cycle, low degree of informatization and data, and very difficult monitoring and management. In view of this situation, the UAV with safer operation, more efficient patrol inspection and more flexible operation is playing an important role in forestry protection, but this kind of grid has greatly increased the weight of the aircraft. The wide application of unmanned aerial vehicles can make forest security patrol, forest surveying and mapping, forest fire control and other work more accurate and efficient

in recent years, Sichuan Aoshi Technology Co., Ltd. has continued to explore, actively carried out scientific research, created innovative soldiers, and continued to provide technical support for UAV forestry protection with top-level advantages. It has accumulated many successful cases in the fields of forestry protection UAV research and development, forest surveying and mapping, forest fire control, illegal logging monitoring and so on

auspicious unmanned aerial vehicle was delivered to Malaysian customers, adding intelligent wings to the country of palm

in August 2019, Sichuan auspicious Technology Co., Ltd. successfully delivered x-swift migratory bird unmanned aerial vehicle to Malaysia, providing advanced equipment support and technical support for Forestry Surveying and mapping in Malaysia

as a major exporter of palm oil in the world, Malaysia's endless palm forest mapping is a rigid demand for UAVs. For this reason, Malaysia has always been a battleground for the world's top UAV service providers. With high-performance products and high-quality services, Aoshi competes with UAV service providers in Europe and the United States, and its market share remains at the leading level in the same industry

the customer of this cooperation is a professional aerial survey service company in Malaysia, with a number of secondary agents all over Malaysia, and self-developed multi rotor UAVs, which have very strict requirements on the performance and operation performance of aircraft. Previously, they have tried many multi rotor and well-known fixed wing manufacturers in Europe, and are dissatisfied with their actual operation performance. In the first half of 2019, after arriving at Aoshi headquarters for on-site investigation, the customer was impressed by Aoshi's professional scientific research team, rich industry experience and exquisite business level, and quickly reached procurement cooperation. As a UAV enterprise with a high sense of society, Aoshi has adhered to the development strategy of independent innovation and global layout for many years, and the delivery to Malaysia is undoubtedly another stroke of color for Aoshi's globalization

The Aoshi x-swift migratory UAV delivered this time is a pure electric vertical take-off and landing fixed wing UAV, which combines the unique advantages of multi rotor and fixed wing UAVs, and has the advantages of long endurance (120min-150min), large control radius (km), strong environmental adaptability (maximum take-off and landing altitude up to 4000m), fast speed (economic cruise speed 72km/h), etc

x-swift migratory bird UAV has light and reliable fuselage, flexible take-off and landing, and can take off quickly in a narrow field without a runway; Long endurance, avoiding the problems of the multi rotor UAV, such as short air time, slow navigation speed and weak environmental adaptability, and supporting continuous work for more than 2.5 hours; The unique graphene multi-stage grinding pre configuration to polymerization is developed by one key operation, and the process technology control and one key flight management are used to complete the real-time transmission of flight parameters, route planning and flight instructions

under the proud technical breakthrough, the major problems of forestry protection have been solved:

1) forest fire prevention: x-swift migratory birds are equipped with photoelectric pods, which cooperate with real-time image transmission to monitor suspicious fires 24 hours a day; Even at night, the infrared pod can clearly find the heat source and fire, and send the picture back to the headquarters or relevant responsible units in time

2) illegal logging monitoring: carry a high-definition real-time image transmission load to monitor the suspicious area of illegal logging for a long time. According to the actual situation, adjust the flight route at any time, track and locate the location of illegal logging, and release sound effects or smoke for warning and shock

3) Forestry Surveying and mapping: take omni-directional photos through vertical and inclined angles, and easily perceive complex forest scenes. In addition, it can also use high-performance GPU to quickly 3D model the collected images, making the final 3D model image generated higher quality and more accurate

the whole system is easy to operate and maintain. The patrol efficiency of x-swift migratory bird UAV is much higher than that of traditional manual patrol. It can complete the patrol work that originally requires multi person cooperation in a short time. At the same time, it also greatly reduces the operation cost and improves the operation efficiency. Provide comprehensive and accurate information for forestry staff, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency

with the continuous upgrading of UAV technology and the gradual rise of market demand, the forestry inspection UAV market shows an increasingly vigorous development trend. As a leader in the field of forestry protection UAV, Aoshi will further expand the breadth and depth of UAV in forestry protection, make it better serve the national ecological protection, and drive the UAV market to usher in a new round of growth opportunities


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