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Network management in carton enterprises (Part 2)

1. Concept problems

the introduction of computer management system is not only the introduction of a management tool, but also the introduction of a new management concept and management method at the same time of the introduction of management system. The concept should be updated, and some bad habitual practices in traditional working methods should be abandoned, The effective management methods in the long-term operation and production activities of enterprises should be integrated into the system to make the enterprise management system more perfect. On the one hand, the introduction of computer management system is the performance of enterprise management modernization, on the other hand, it is also the need to deepen reform and refine management. Today's society is full of competition. For enterprises, competition comes from three aspects: quality, price and service. In order to win in the competition, one of the three is indispensable. It is very important to improve product quality and reduce production costs. This requires that the internal information of the enterprise is unblocked, the situation is known in time, problems are found and solved as soon as possible. Therefore, the leading members should have a unified understanding and thinking

2. Enterprise informatization leadership is the key

enterprise management informatization is the integration of enterprise level information, which is applied to all aspects of the enterprise, so it is not only a technical problem, but also a process of changing from "rule by man" to "rule by law". The top leaders of enterprises attach great importance to the direct decision-making, publicity, promotion and organization of implementation, which is very important to the construction of enterprise informatization. The personal participation of the top leaders of the enterprise is also an essential factor to ensure the successful implementation of the system. Some people call the implementation of the information management system the first-hand project, which is not unreasonable. This shows the special role of enterprise decision makers in the implementation process. Enterprise management informatization is a systematic project that affects the overall situation. Without the participation and authorization of the first hand, it is difficult to mobilize the overall situation

3. Mechanism improvement or reorganization

because each of these can not affect the normal use of the electronic universal testing machine, the specific circumstances of each enterprise are different, and the problems that the system is required to solve for enterprises are also different. This system can be increased or decreased or adjusted according to the needs of enterprises in its basic functional modules, which is the so-called "secondary development". However, the internal operation of the enterprise, such as department setting, staffing, functions and responsibilities, workflow, development planning, and other requirements, should be planned first. If necessary, an improved restructuring should be made. It is very important to organically combine the computer system with the operation and management of the enterprise, and make good communication with the software company, so that the software company can adjust the module functions according to the management requirements of the enterprise

4. Rational selection of software

the selection of software products and partners is the key issue of informatization. Enterprises should not buy software just by watching product demonstrations, but more through demand analysis, that is, what problems exist in actual management, what means should be used to solve them, and what goals should be achieved in management. They should have an overall plan, determine the overall plan, and then select software suppliers. In particular, it is very important to pay attention to whether the software suppliers are knowledgeable and professional. Otherwise, they will give up halfway or fail to reach the ideal and regret, It is recommended to visit successful typical users in the same industry to determine the partners of software suppliers. Avoid the risk of implementation failure

5. Resource allocation

if the financial resources permit, it is better to be slightly higher in the hardware configuration. On the one hand, the computer upgrade is relatively fast. On the other hand, it is also necessary to take into account the needs of the long-term future of the system. The company expects to achieve a net profit of 2.252 billion yuan to 3 billion yuan in 2018 for stable operation and an increase in the amount of data. Although there are many functions of the management module software of happy news, it is distributed in various departments. For specific departments or employees, it is only one or two of them, and the operation steps are not very complicated. Therefore, for employees using computers, the requirements are not very high, and they do not need to master the professional knowledge of computers, but at least they should understand the basic operation of computer management and computer, After further training, you can take the post

informatization management is the key link for enterprises to realize management modernization. Enterprises are the main body of informatization. Enterprise informatization can not only help enterprises establish a more reasonable resource allocation mechanism, significantly increase the market development of enterprises, but also improve the operation and management efficiency of enterprises. Therefore, enterprise informatization will greatly promote the competitiveness and productivity of enterprises. Accelerating enterprise informatization has become the realistic requirement of the information age. At a deeper level, it is a revolution

Vice Premier Wu Bangguo pointed out that "enterprise informatization is a systematic project that involves all aspects of the enterprise. Whether it can be integrated with all the work of the enterprise is related to the success or failure of enterprise informatization. To promote enterprise informatization, we should make an overall plan, highlight the key points, and promote it as a whole. We should focus on the two themes of enterprise reform and development, and do a good job with the fundamental goal of comprehensively improving enterprise management and overall competitiveness "Three Combinations": first, the combination with enterprise reform, reorganization, transformation and strengthening management; Second, it is combined with strengthening the basic management of enterprises; 2. Third, sports and leisure products are combined with the introduction of advanced management concepts. "

as far as I know, computer network information system management has just started in the carton industry. Shanghai carton industry has taken the lead. In recent years, nearly 20 enterprises have implemented computer network information management and achieved good results in application. Some small enterprises are planning and implementing implementation plans. Next year, more enterprises will enter the ranks of computer information system management

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