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Exposure that regular home decoration companies should be carefully selected for house decoration

exposure that regular home decoration companies should be carefully selected for house decoration

July 31, 2013

[China paint information] in the view of many owners, house decoration is a troublesome thing, not only considering the decoration style, but also considering the price factor. Recently, a friend posted a post at a local forum in Qinzhou, saying that due to the low price, he chose the Mustang engineering team for decoration, but he encountered a series of unpleasant things. The friend shared his experience with the public, hoping to bring some help to the friends preparing for home decoration

choosing "guerrillas" to decorate met with unpleasant things

recently, friends "can't bear it anymore" posted that during the peak period of decoration, many friends would choose some decoration guerrillas to decorate their houses, which would be a little cheaper than decoration companies. Out of this idea, he listened to the introduction of the material store owner and chose "guerrillas" to decorate the house. As a result, he encountered many unpleasant things

the friend said that at the beginning of May, he went to the building materials market and many places selling materials to compare prices. When he asked the boss if there was a negative introduction from a hydropower material shop opposite the third middle school, the boss introduced him to a person surnamed Luo. Later, he felt that he could call Luo to decorate the house. However, two people came the next day. One was his brother and the other was Huang. They didn't feel very well, but they both brought tools, so they had to let them start work

"it's a mess to install that line. It's ugly to open those trunks one high and one low. But it's better to think that it will be better to lay bricks behind and bury them. It's not good to ask people to stop work in the middle!" The friend said that after laying the pipes, he came to the ceramic tile master to work. The ceramic tile master was very nice. He told him that the pipes were not well laid, so he called Huang to come over and turn over. The latter called Huang behind his back to scold the ceramic tile master for his troubles, which made the ceramic tile master afraid to talk more. When installing sockets and switches at the back, he could hardly guarantee the quality of his products and dared to be careless. The switch control could be installed and powered on casually, regardless of whether it was practical or convenient. When I finally prepared to install the water heater, I found that the main bathroom didn't leave a socket, so I had to re punch the socket later, which was very ugly. When this kind of plastic granulator equipment caused serious environmental pollution, it also damaged the putty and paint in one place

choose a company with a certain reputation

"in the early stage, the person surnamed Luo, who was fairly honest, went to talk. After the talk, he gave it to two other people to do, but those two people were careless." The friend warned us that we should pay more attention when looking for someone to decorate, and do not look for gas when decorating. With regard to the problem of brittle fracture caused by low stress, Mr. Chen, a designer of a decoration company in Qinzhou, said that decoration is a complex process. On the surface, the price is low, but inferior materials may be used in the project. The "decoration guerrillas" often change places with one shot. There is no after-sales maintenance, so it is difficult to find people when there is a problem, so when decorating the house, It is best to choose a regular decoration company with a certain reputation in the local area

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