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SMT lead element maintenance pool specimen maintenance specimen maintenance according to the standard requirements, each maintenance pool only maintains the same kind of cement specimen welding method: when starting to weld all pins, solder should be added to the tip of the soldering iron, and all pins should be coated with flux to keep the pins wet. Touch the end of each pin of the chip with the tip of a soldering iron, Zhongshan hardware stamping factory_ Cairun industry, until it saw solder flowing into the pin. During welding, keep the tip of the soldering iron parallel to the soldered pin to prevent overlap due to excessive soldering

after soldering all the pins, soak all the pins with flux to clean the solder. Absorb the remaining solder where necessary, Zhongshan hardware stamping parts processing factory_ Cairun industry to eliminate any short circuits and laps. Finally, use tweezers to check whether there is faulty soldering. After checking, remove the flux from the circuit board. Zhongshan hardware stamping factory_ Cairun industry, dip the hard brush with alcohol and wipe it carefully along the pin direction until the flux disappears

Huizhou BOLUO cairun Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Longxi street, BOLUO County, with a unique geographical location, facing Dongguan across the river, facing Shenzhen and Hong Kong in the South and Guangzhou in the north. Guangzhou Huizhou Expressway and Guangzhou Shantou high speed railway have stations in Longxi, taking a sample as an example, with convenient transportation in all directions

adhering to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, customer-oriented; quality first, honest management; scientific management, continuous innovation", the company manages in strict accordance with ISO-9001 quality policy control standards to ensure product quality and meet customers' different needs. Welcome all major business units and domestic and foreign merchants to come to our company for negotiation

generally, cold plate nickel plating is used for general battery chips. After nickel plating, the effect is very good and the cost is very low. If the product is used in a humid environment, it can also be made of brass, which will cost several times higher. Generally, the cold plate nickel plated in our factory can pass through the salt spray for 72 hours without rusting after oil sealing

spring plates of spring type batteries are generally made of manganese steel (65m) or phosphor bronze. Some customers may think that stainless steel will be more elastic, but you didn't consider that the raw materials of stainless steel are not sticky to tin, that is, you can't weld or are difficult to weld. In fact, the elasticity of manganese steel after heat treatment is similar to that of stainless steel. The raw materials of phosphor bronze are also commonly used in this kind of products. They are elastic, rust free, low resistance and easy to weld, but the cost of phosphor bronze is high

the above is some introduction of the raw material characteristics and use environment of battery shrapnel. I believe you will know at a glance after reading it. In fact, choosing the raw material of battery shrapnel mainly depends on the change of use environment. Dongguan Keyu Plastic Hardware Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and research of button battery base series, battery boxes, battery buttons, hardware battery pieces and other connectors. Double excellence, power priority and quality priority are the reasons why users choose us

smt is a surface mounting skill, also known as surface mounted technology (abbreviation of surface mounted technology), which is now the most popular skill and process in the electronic assembly industry

smt: surface mounted te stretch, zigzag, shrink or pull the plastic material spline. Chnology (surface mounting skill): the assembly skill of directly attaching components to the surface and welding them to the regular orientation of the PCB surface of the circuit board

smd: abbreviation of surface mounted devices, which means: surface mounted device, which is one of SMT components. There are many kinds, such as chip resistance, chip capacitance, chip transistor, chip inductor and so on

The shape of the SMD is rectangular sheet, cylindrical row or special-shaped, and its welding ends or pins are manufactured in the same plane, and it is suitable for reflow soldering of electronic components adhered to the surface mounter: the paste solder paste pre distributed on the PCB circuit board pad is melted from scratch, and the mechanical and electrical connection between the terminals or pins of the surface adhered components and the printed circuit board pad is completed

What are the reasons why SMT chip processing circuit boards can't be tin coated

smt patch refers to the abbreviation of a series of technological processes processed on the basis of PCB. PCB means printed circuit board. What are the reasons why SMT chip processing circuit boards can't be tin coated

? SMT patch

1, PCB pad or SMD welding position has serious oxidation phenomenon

2. The activity of the flux in the solder paste is not good, and the oxidizing substances in the PCB pad or SMD welding position cannot be completely removed

3. The temperature of reflow soldering area is too low

4. The wetting property of the flux in the solder paste is not good

5. If the tin on some solder joints is not full, it may be that the solder paste is not fully mixed before use, and the flux and tin powder are not fully blended

6. The amount of solder paste at the solder joint is not enough

7 to avoid electrostatic induction, too long preheating time or too high preheating temperature during over reflow soldering, resulting in the failure of flux activity in solder paste

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