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Fujian plans to accelerate a new round of construction climax. This year, the provincial transportation investment will be 90billion

Fujian plans to accelerate a new round of construction climax. This year, the provincial transportation investment will be 90billion

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it was learned from the Provincial Department of transportation that the Fujian Provincial Department of transportation decided to carry out the 2017 "five projects" transportation construction activities in the province to speed up a new round of construction climax, We have fully completed the provincial transportation investment of 90 billion yuan in the use of chromium oxide grinding paste

"five projects" includes the trunk line improvement project of 69.37 billion yuan. Among them, there are 39 expressway projects, with a planned investment of 32billion yuan; 175 key projects for the construction of ordinary national and provincial roads, with an investment of about 23.23 billion yuan; Xu Lejiang, Vice Minister of the Ministry of other investment, public industry and information technology, concurrently served as the director of the office. The road project completed an investment of 12.74 billion yuan; There are 95 key projects of the port and waterway intensive upgrading project, 1 of which the deformation measured by creep experiment will change by 0.5 billion yuan over time; 46 comprehensive passenger and freight hub projects of the transport hub demonstration project, with 3.37 billion yuan; 1.77 billion yuan for transportation service quality improvement project; The transportation poverty alleviation project is 4.99 billion yuan, including the completion of about 1500 kilometers of rural roads, 150 dangerous bridges, 11 projects of removing ferries and building bridges, 2685 kilometers of security projects, and the construction of rural passenger transport stations

according to the requirements of the notice on the implementation plan of the "five projects" transportation construction of Fujian Provincial Department of transportation in 2017, the transportation departments of all districts and cities and the port bureaus along the coast will further perform their duties around "accelerating the submission for approval, strengthening the review and increasing the reserves", take the initiative to improve the project parallel review and approval mechanism of "one port acceptance, synchronous approval, time limited completion and information sharing", Organize and urge the owner to carefully formulate the preliminary work plan, pay close attention to the time nodes of feasibility study, preliminary design, construction drawing design and bidding, and speed up the early stage to create conditions for the commencement

in addition, the Provincial Department of transportation will adhere to the system of "one coordination in January and one supervision in quarter" to strengthen coordination and supervision. By establishing a differentiated supervision mechanism, special coordination meetings are organized and held every quarter, and "mid-term supervision" is carried out in the middle of the year to coordinate special projects with lagging progress and difficult promotion, so as to solve major problems

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