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Zhongshan Bridge is honored to silently participate in the anti epidemic battlefield in a special way

Zhongshan Bridge is honored to silently participate in the anti epidemic battlefield in a special way

February 27, 2020

this Spring Festival is very unusual! With the outbreak of the epidemic, there was no new year's greetings from the streets in previous years. Everyone stayed at home and dared not go out. However, thousands of medical workers gave up their small homes for everyone, stuck to their posts and rushed to the front line of epidemic prevention and control. Day and night, Ford researchers made the stretch of rubber more than double. They are not only the banner of anti epidemic, but also the spiritual pillar of the people during the epidemic. Here, we want to pay the highest respect to them

with the gradual easing of the epidemic situation, it is very necessary to resume work as soon as possible in an orderly manner and realize the normal operation of enterprises, so as to promote the normal operation of society. Zhongshan Bridge Group also stepped back to work under strict protective measures, keeping in mind its mission and actively organizing the resumption of production

in fact, during the Spring Festival, Daqiao chemical also participated in the war against the "epidemic" in a special way, witnessing the birth process of Huoshen mountain and Leishen mountain hospitals in a special way

the operation of the two hospitals, Huoshen mountain and Leishen mountain, has formed a new fortress of "war epidemic" in the face of the epidemic, allowing Wuhan patients to receive standardized treatment and building up the confidence that they will win the battle. Their completion is the result of many engineering robots fighting against time

epidemic is an order! On New Year's Eve, a number of Chinese construction machinery enterprises gathered quickly, racing against time, and hundreds of construction machinery entered the front line of construction. All kinds of machinery are at full power to start a tough battle and expand the life-saving channel to fight against the epidemic of novel coronavirus pneumonia

thousands of people are fighting in the front line of the project. Construction machinery enterprises represented by Sany Heavy Industry and XCMG group urgently mobilize agents and customers to rush for help, and a full range of construction machinery and equipment such as excavators, concrete pump trucks, cranes, road rollers are working around the clock

5g slow live broadcast was opened on the construction site, and the majority of friends turned into "cloud supervisor", and gave names to the equipment on the construction site to form CP

in this special battlefield, Zhongshan Bridge uses paint to brighten these construction machinery

next, let's take a look at the "cute" construction machinery on the site, which are paint products provided by Zhongshan Bridge:

songhuizong (song Huizong) - this 31 52 meter pump truck with a very domineering title is specially provided by Zhongshan Bridge for paint

Dourgen -- the title of Sany Heavy Industry road roller is also very vivid, and the beautiful color of yellow is given by Zhongshan Bridge

mud spitting sauce - Sany Heavy Industry mixer, which is loved by friends as "Erni sauce", is also specially provided by Zhongshan Bridge for coating

"send to Gaozong" - XCMG truck crane, the tallest figure in the audience, is called the lovely "send to Gaozong" by Youqu. This beautiful figure is given by the high performance of Zhongshan CFRTP bridge how to choose the universal metal material testing machine parameters and engineering machinery coatings

in addition to the above cute or domineering machinery, there are also concrete pump trucks similar to XCMG group. Many construction machinery that silently work in the front line of construction are also protected by paint provided by Zhongshan Bridge

Zhongshan Bridge chemical enterprise group is one of the few enterprises in China that can provide a full range of construction machinery coating products. Through technology introduction and independent research and development, Zhongshan Bridge has developed a set of construction machinery coating products with the same machine as people, which has the characteristics of wide applicability and excellent performance, can fully meet the coating protection requirements of various types of construction machinery, and has been applied to leading domestic construction machinery manufacturing enterprises for a long time, Become one of the major coating suppliers of Sany Heavy Industry, XCMG, Zoomlion, Jiuhe heavy industry, Ningbo Zhongyi and other enterprises, and help enterprise customers' construction machinery products win the favor of users

after years of technology accumulation and product upgrading, R & D personnel have continuously carried out coating R & D and innovation on the basis of years of application practice. Zhongshan Bridge water-based construction machinery coating products have established an industry-leading market position, and have higher cost performance compared with foreign products

under the epidemic, what we need to do is to live every moment, every moment and every day. Everyone is just a beam of twilight, but when the twilight converges, there will be hope

we firmly believe that spring will finally bloom

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