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On October 11, a delegation from the Philippine national electricity company (ngcp) visited Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd. of China to exchange and discuss the application of battery energy storage system in island power supply by watching the demonstration video of Meizhou Island energy storage power station. There are many islands in the Philippines, and the battery energy storage system can play an important role in island power supply. The delegation focused on the advanced experience in the construction and operation management of Meizhou battery energy storage power station

Meizhou Island energy storage power station is mainly composed of two sets of 10000 kwh lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage systems and two 500 KVA bidirectional converters. When the power consumption of Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd. is at a low point, it converts the alternating current of 10kV distribution into direct current through two-way converter and stores it into lithium iron phosphate battery; On the contrary, during peak power consumption, the DC stored in the lithium iron phosphate battery is converted into AC through a two-way converter, which is supplemented to 10kV for distribution

Meizhou Island is a tourist island, which mainly relies on the double circuit 10 kV submarine cable connected to the Zhongmen substation on the opposite side of the coast. With the rapid growth of island load, the power supply capacity of submarine cable is insufficient. 201 it is convenient to replace all kinds of fixtures. In four years, China Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd. built and put into operation the first lithium battery sharing bicycle connected to 10 kV island power distribution in China in Meizhou Island, and spread to pool energy storage power stations in major cities at a very fast speed. In recent years, Meizhou Island energy storage power station acts as a "coupler", "balancer" and "buffer" for power supply in the island, which is of great significance to improve the reliability of power supply in the island and the quality of power supply for users, enhance the self balance of local power supply and demand, and select a suitable measuring range

at present, China Fujian electric power is fully promoting the construction of the Meizhou Island comprehensive energy service demonstration area in Putian, making use of the existing conditions of Meizhou Island and relying on the Meizhou Island energy storage power station, further exploring the overall solution of the island's regional comprehensive energy, and finally realizing the full coverage of "water, electricity, gas, heat" and other comprehensive energy intelligent monitoring, realizing the centralized and optimized dispatching of "wind, light, and storage" throughout the island, and building a "five kilometer" charging ring for electric vehicles, Achieve full coverage of coastal power facilities in fishing ports and wharves, ensure full coverage of dedicated power wireless communication networks, and gradually cultivate Meizhou Island into a green and energy-saving ecological island model based on the goal of multi energy complementarity and source interaction

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