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Zhonglong cultural growth camp: cultivate the leader in the era of artificial intelligence

in recent years, programming education has increasingly entered people's vision, and its popularity easily exceeds that of regular interest classes such as art, dance and music, standing at the top of extracurricular courses. Of course, with the competition pattern, parents' awareness of programming education and unprecedented attention to the cultivation of children's logical ability, this track, known as the "last gold mine of basic education", began to be popular. Zhonglong culture takes Shanzhu programming enlightenment classroom as the carrier to build zhonglong growth camp and create professionals for programming education, which has been widely praised by the industry

science and technology teaching is the trend of future education, and today's learning is to bring the best methods to children. Zhonglong Growth Camp puts children's thinking innovation ability and practical ability in the first place, and continues to forge ahead and keep pace with the times. Its core is steam education, which provides kindergartens with characteristic steam programming innovation courses. Through the 5E Teaching method, it can cultivate children's creativity, concentration, logical thinking ability, independent thinking, problem-solving, communication and cooperation ability, cultivate innovative talents in the era of artificial intelligence, and meet the coming AI era

the zhonglong growth camp training includes a number of contents, including the core contents of course product introduction, script training, steam policy interpretation, negotiation strategy, etc. in the training, the interaction is strengthened and the negotiation is simulated, so that the students can use it immediately after learning. Comprehensively apply the theories of different disciplines, realize the integration of cross fields, and strive to provide students with a space for self-development. Through training teachers' innovative thinking and practical ability, finally enhance students' learning consciousness and enthusiasm, and comprehensively improve students' innovative quality

at present, zhonglong growth camp has conducted a field survey with volunteers from the Tianjin volunteer service team of the scientific research institute and found that the institute or educational technology enterprises cooperate to actively build steam learning space. It can be seen that as the core practitioner of steam education, schools should not only learn to integrate and share social resources in a wider range, but also change the role of teachers, reform traditional teaching methods, learn to integrate steam education into the daily teaching of schools, and provide students with opportunities for independent exploration in the teaching of subject courses, so that they can understand the intersection and connection between subjects and understand the practical value of knowledge

Mr. Wang, who participated in the training in zhonglong growth camp, said with deep emotion: "through learning, he not only realized what steam education is, but also knew the tangram module, and he could also learn with the tablet computer, developed his thinking, and timely replaced the maintenance when he found that the heating part was damaged or out of control, which increased his knowledge, saw the general direction of children's education development in the future, and of course, he also knew a group of friends with similar aspirations."

teacher Lu, who also participated in the zhonglong growth camp, believes that in the growth camp, the training is intensive, and the product drills, course explanations, real-world trials, and results assessment are linked. The training atmosphere is lively and relaxed, and the teachers are also playing middle school, including ice breaking links, team PK, brainstorming, and brainstorming. "Only you can't imagine that we can't do it without us. A group of like-minded people can do something beneficial to education and self-development together, and the future can be expected!"

today's zhonglong growth camp has achieved fruitful results. It has been held for more than 30 periods across the country. More and more kindergartens have introduced programming enlightenment classrooms, and more and more teachers have joined the growth camp to learn and grow in zhonglong. As an educational incubator, zhonglong welcomes and sends, hones and hardens, and transmits the essence of the Vickers hardness measurement room of scientific innovation and education Vickers hardness tester for thinner workpieces to the teachers of the first period, Spread the seeds of science and technology education in China

the relevant person in charge of Zhonglong Growth Camp said that we hope to cultivate the computing thinking of the next generation of children through a complete teaching system, hope to stimulate children's interest in learning with a game teaching design, and hope to carry out the content in the way of project-based learning. Only in a social atmosphere can personality be established, and the things we learn can be constantly challenged and improved, I hope to cultivate children's creativity and exploration spirit

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