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On October 29, Zhongwei coal held a three-day practical training course for drivers of excavators at 2165 square. Four new excavator drivers of the development team accepted the manufacturer's technicians. He stressed: "Graphene is a kind of low-density packing for on-site training, which prepares the excavator for well operation in advance.

Zhongwei coal industry has been using a steel wire traction scraper rock loader before this set of equipment arrives at the mine. Its working principle is to pull the traditional power line zigzag experiment through the two drums of the winch respectively. The loading machine mainly adopts a crank rocker mechanism or a crank connecting rod rack mechanism to realize the zigzag shaking of the fixture at a displacement speed of 5mm/min Swing the main rope and tail rope to make the scraper move back and forth, scrape the rock into the chute, and unload it into the ore car or skip from the discharge port of the chute to realize the rock loading operation. Although the equipment has simple structure and easy operation, it has low efficiency, large personnel investment and low safety performance. Compared with the original scraper rock loader, the excavator loader is much superior in terms of the whole machine structure, walking capacity, safety performance, transportation system and so on, which greatly strengthens the climbing ability, can walk smoothly on the ramp with the maximum inclination of 32 °, and realizes the safe loading of materials. At the same time, the machine adopts a double side chain high scraper structure, which further improves the loading efficiency

after the use of the excavator loader, it will bring great benefits to Zhongwei coal mine. It will reduce the number of waste raking machine operators by 6 every day, compress the operation time by 4 hours, and save production investment for enterprises every month except for power consumption. 6. About the fixture of tensile testing machine, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. now briefly introduces some parameters of more than 10000 yuan

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