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Zhongshan: two-year 1billion yuan loan to help upgrade the textile and clothing industry

yesterday afternoon, the second general assembly and general assembly of Zhongshan Textile Engineering Society was held at Shaxi textile and clothing College of Zhongshan vocational college to expand and strengthen entrepot trade and duty-free oil supply business technology. Huang Minghua, director and senior engineer of Zhongshan CMEC textile industry technology research center, was elected as the second president of the society. On the same day, the society also reached and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the postal savings bank of China Limited, Zhongshan Shaxi Branch. The postal savings bank of China Shaxi Branch will provide 1billion yuan of loan to the member enterprises of the society within two years to alleviate the financing difficulties of the members of the society

Zhongshan Textile Engineering Society was established on January 14th, 2015. Since its establishment, the society has attracted more than 70 upstream and downstream members of scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, private think tanks, technical services, e-commerce, processing and production, design, international trade and other textile and clothing

according to Huang Minghua, the society will strengthen its own capacity-building, constantly improve the service ability and level of the society, actively absorb and develop members, strengthen the scale of the University Association, vigorously introduce and hire experts and consultants inside and outside the industry, build a senior think tank of the society, and create a service system in September for the production chain, such as the innovation chain and three-dimensional service chain of steel wire and strand due to the high hardness of samples

according to the introduction, the society plans to exceed 300 members by 2022, take the lead in formulating three influential group standards, and assist Zhongshan in building various service platforms or R & D platforms

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