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Zhongwei hlc1008 intelligent lighting module

Zhongwei hlc1008 intelligent lighting module

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Zhongwei hlc1008 intelligent lighting module

to achieve energy conservation The purpose of improving the quality of road lighting before the cement is dried; 2 light control: according to the current ambient light intensity, the switching time is adjusted appropriately in rainy days to ensure the normal lighting of the road; 2. Segmented timing and weekly control mode; 2 telemetry: input three-phase electrical parameter detection (optional) to realize the collection of three-phase voltage, three-phase current and branch current operating parameters. 2 remote signaling: control and alarm (optional) cable anti-theft alarm (optional) 2 remote adjustment: the monitoring center can call the operating state parameters of street lamps at any time, and can also connect with energy-saving equipment to realize the functions of voltage regulation and energy-saving lamps; 2 remote viewing: the on-site video image signal is transmitted to the monitoring center through 3g/4g network, which is intuitive and true. 2 single lamp control (optional) 2 alarm function timely alarms for missing items/power failure, overvoltage/(5) regularly check the transmission condition of the sprocket, overcurrent, switch trip/fuse burn off, abnormal switch lamp, box door opening, cable and other faults. The signal can inform the user in many ways (e.g., voice, information prompt window)

(optional) 2 remote meter reading: the built-in RS-485 interface communicates with the electronic meter, reads the electric degree value, and directly measures the electric charge. (optional) module 2: realize the monitoring system to view all terminal devices through GSM, send and receive alarms through GSM, and send relevant information such as the time, place and content of fault alarm to all relevant personnel according to the preset alarm mode. (optional) 2 cable anti-theft module: the cable can be anti-theft 24 hours a day regardless of power on or off. When the cable is cut, the transformer and distribution cabinet open the door to send an alarm in time, and the alarm position and faulty cable can be quickly determined. (optional) 2 Various ways to control the switch lights: 2. Automatic remote control - automatic operation according to the switch lights set by the control center; 2 manual remote control - click any light on/off operation program action in the control center; 2 timing control - switch the light according to the specified time point: such as 0:00 on December 31. Or a specific period of time on the festival day; 2 light control - carry out corresponding operation control according to the brightness detected by the light intensity detector

the intelligent lighting control system is two AC24V non-polar signal lines. Through connecting with various input and output devices on this two core signal line, it can achieve various adjustments and controls of lighting facilities. It also has good flexibility and expansion characteristics. It can change the control settings of lamp circuits at any time according to space separation and lamp control mode, which can avoid the trouble of pipeline construction again, It will effectively save the cost of change construction and damage to buildings. Panasonic intelligent lighting control system has complete control functions, which can set or change individual control, group control, scene mode control and time control at any time on the system host without complex programming. Since its sale in 1986, the commodities developed according to the principles of "corresponding to market trends" and "meeting customer needs" have always occupied an international leading position, and have reached an amazing 92% market share in Japan

keep the indoor illumination near a constant value, so as to make full use of natural light to achieve the purpose of energy saving. In addition, intelligent lighting adopts advanced LED technology, which saves power and is more environmentally friendly. Third, it is more convenient to control and switch freely. The lighting controlled by the intelligent lighting system will make the working state of intelligent lighting lamps and lanterns automatic. The lighting system can work according to the preset modes, and these lighting modes will also work and switch according to the preset time. The first is to save labor costs and improve management efficiency. For example, if ordinary lighting lamps are used in some large public places, artificial switch and function switching are required; If the lighting of intelligent lighting system is adopted, automatic intelligent management will be implemented, which greatly saves labor costs and improves management efficiency. With the development of the experimental machine industry, the production of the experimental machine has moved towards a bus system with a common line as the control bus

intelligent street lamp monitoring terminal GPRS wireless cable anti-theft current and voltage system features: the software is stable and reliable, friendly interface, easy to maintain, and has won wide praise and praise. The software integrates the monitoring and data acquisition and processing of different lamp types of street lamps (lighting lamps, advertising lamps, decorative lamps). The control of different lamp types can be realized through group control or single control, and can also be controlled according to different times (longitude and latitude control, holidays, all night lights, midnight lights) and illuminance. It is divided into master and slave. The host is designated to be installed in the monitoring center, while the slave refers to the function that can be installed on other computers in multiple ways, and can browse, query and print data according to requirements. Powerful system function composition: 1 Intelligent monitoring system functions: 2 remote control: GPRS Remote control switch light; Computer side, APP control. 2 longitude and latitude time control, according to geographical longitude and latitude. Automatically calculate the local sunrise and sunset time, and dynamically and accurately adjust the light on and off time according to the daily (seasonal changes)

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