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Zhongshan calls on the public to support the recycling of moon cake boxes

recently, the Zhongshan Municipal Youth League Committee officially launched the moon cake box recycling environmental protection plan, calling on the general public to support the recycling of moon cake boxes, and the recycled moon cake boxes will be centralized and treated in a unified manner. The author believes that holding moon cake box recycling activities in the city will make the wire core preheating and cable core drying more effective, and let the moon cake box recycling, which can improve people's awareness of environmental protection, save resources and reduce environmental pollution

it is understood that every year after the Mid Autumn Festival, millions of moon cake boxes are thrown away in Zhongshan City. In addition to some being recycled as waste, about 70% of moon cake boxes are treated as domestic waste. The excessive packaging of moon cake boxes wastes precious materials. People urgently need an efficient, energy-saving and safe waste plastic granulator and advanced technology to improve the ecological environment of wood, paper and metal materials, and the excessive packaging increases the difficulty of waste treatment. If the moon cake boxes are recycled, they can not only make rational use of resources, but also reduce environmental pollution. Holding moon cake box recycling activities is more important to improve citizens' awareness of environmental protection, encourage people to participate in waste recycling, and create an energy-saving society

the author hopes that the general public, especially primary and secondary school students, will actively support and participate in the recycling of moon cake boxes, save resources, choose a green lifestyle that treats nature well, support environmental protection with practical actions, and contribute to the construction of an energy-saving society

source of information: Zhongshan

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