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Fujian: speed up the construction of printing and packaging industry base

in addition to affecting the construction of external fast machinery and printing technology industry base, the construction of roads in the base has been fully launched, with 80% of the quantities of Weiliu Road and 30% of the quantities of Jingsi road completed. At the same time, 87 enterprises have been attracted to apply for settlement

Shishi machinery and printing technology industry base is the leading industry that Shishi strives to cultivate. It is the extension of the city's clothing industry chain and supports the development of China's aerospace manufacturing industry. It is the main production base of machinery manufacturing and printing and packaging industry. The base is located at the intersection of the industrial development axis of Shishi Avenue and the axis of coastal channel port evacuation and logistics development. The planned area is 2015 mu. After completion, it will create good conditions for Shishi City to expand and strengthen the clothing supporting, printing and packaging industry and create a high-tech industrial cluster

In recent years, the Management Committee of Shishi Economic Development Zone has vigorously promoted the work deployment of key project construction, accelerated the pace of infrastructure construction and further accelerated the base construction according to the five campaigns implemented by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government

at present, the regulatory detailed planning has been completed, the cumulative completion of land acquisition health has always been the focus of attention, more than 1500 mu, more than 320 tombs have been relocated, more than 1600 mu of agricultural land has been submitted for approval, and more than 1100 mu of land leveling has been basically completed; The road construction in the base has been fully launched. The quantities of Weiliu Road have been completed by 80%, Jingsi road by 30%, and Weier road by public bidding. After a year-on-year increase of 52.14%, the first road, Xianghong Avenue and other trunk roads are doing a good job in the early stage

at the same time, we should speed up investment attraction and investment selection, implement the development strategy of large-scale investment attraction and large-scale business attraction, focus on introducing a large number of clothing supporting, printing and packaging projects with strong strength, good benefits and high scientific and technological content, guide the clothing hardware accessories, clothing machinery manufacturing and printing and packaging production enterprises in the city to concentrate on the base, form industrial clusters, expand industrial effects, so that enterprises are relatively clustered in spatial position and rely on each other in related supporting facilities, Implement intensive utilization of resources, optimize industrial layout, and enhance the core competitiveness of the industry. At present, 87 enterprises have applied to settle in the base, including 45 in the hardware accessories industry, 21 in the packaging and printing industry, 15 in the clothing and apparel production and weaving industry, and 6 others

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