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After a year and a half, hanyongjian, the head of Erman lighting's office in Tibet, has basically adapted to the plateau climate of gongbujiangda County, the counterpart of Zhongshan light industry to aid Tibet, when the hydraulic cylinder piston rod of the third hydraulic universal experimental machine is moved with the workbench open. On August 1, at the Tibet Linzhi Guangdong Investment Promotion Conference (Zhongshan Station) held in Zhongshan City, Erman lighting signed two projects: the construction of agricultural and animal husbandry products sales platform and the transformation and upgrading of Nongjiale, a poverty-stricken project under normal circumstances, which means that this lamp enterprise will take root in gongbujiangda County, participate in the local industrial development more actively and deeply, and further improve the "hematopoietic" function of the local industry

● donated "Guangming"

20 a.m. on May 18, 2017. At 10 a.m., the dengdu entrepreneur self driving team participating in the "good deeds of the the Belt and Road" and the "industrial assistance to Tibet" of lamp enterprises came to the destination of this trip - Jiangda Township Primary School in gongbujiangda County after more than 3000 kilometers. They brought with them, including friendship children's Public Welfare Alliance, brotherhood company, Huayi square, Hongbao lighting, lanneng lighting, Erman lighting, Guangyun lighting, Guangcheng logistics The materials donated by Liwei lighting institutions and enterprises are worth 200000 yuan. Behind this is the love of entrepreneurs from Zhongshan for Tibetan compatriots, which will be mainly used for lighting of primary school students in villages, monks and nuns in temples and poor households. In fact, as early as August 2016, after the eighth batch of cadres from Zhongshan City to aid Tibet arrived in gongbujiangda county and carried out their work on the ground, some entrepreneurs from dengdu went deep into the recipient areas and donated hundreds of thousands of yuan of lamps and materials to show their love

"the lamp represents light and warmth. Entrepreneurs from dengdu, China, thousands of kilometers away, came here thousands of miles away to bring tangible help to Tibetan compatriots with practical actions, which is very touching." Wang Chaogang, leader of the Zhongshan Tibet assistance working group and executive deputy secretary of the gongbujiangda county Party committee, was quite impressed

it was launched in May 2017. It is mainly used as a carrier for small and medium-sized bioactive molecules (synbiosys reg;) During his trip to Tibet, Zhang Haitao, chairman of Erman lighting, personally felt the simplicity and kindness of the Tibetan people and the backwardness of some infrastructure. When he saw the long memory of the ancient city displayed in the Taizhao ancient city exhibition hall in Jiangda Township in sharp contrast to the dim lighting in the hall, he immediately decided to increase the LED reconstruction project of the donated exhibition hall. Now, the lighting transformation of the exhibition hall has been completed. The curator lausanciren said in unskilled Chinese that now all the lighting has been replaced, and the visiting environment has been greatly improved. It was also during this trip to Tibet that Erman lighting decided to set up an office in gongbujiangda county to directly meet local needs and carry out in-depth industrial assistance to Tibet

● industrial assistance to Tibet

"our donations are not necessarily what they need. After our enterprises arrive here, they can do something according to the actual local needs, and make a contribution to local employment and economic development. This kind of assistance to Tibet will be more effective." Zhang Haitao said

Erman lighting has become a Zhongshan enterprise drinking "first soup", and Han Yongjian has become the first person from a Zhongshan enterprise and rooted in gongbujiangda county. Erman lighting started the first step of industrial assistance to Tibet in gongbujiangda County by cooperating with the local state-owned enterprise pioneer state investment company. By relying on the strong lighting industry advantages of the ancient town and the product advantages of the enterprise itself, and connecting with the local needs in urban lighting and the transformation of tourist attractions, the ancient town lights are slowly lighting up gongbujiangda county. Han Yongjian said in an interview that he learned about the market here and found that many lamps in use are generally more than 5 years old, some more than 10 years old, while new products emerge in endlessly every day in dengdu ancient town. At present, some docking work has been preliminarily done to introduce the innovative products and lighting culture of the ancient town to the local

● achieve a win-win situation

in the process of dealing with local cooperatives and farmers and herdsmen, Han Yongjian found that the quality of local agricultural and animal husbandry products was good, but he was constrained by the market economy consciousness and logistics conditions of local people. In order to better respond to the national policy of aiding Tibet and targeted poverty alleviation, and promote the development of agriculture and animal husbandry with Tibetan characteristics, at the Tibet Nyingchi Guangdong Investment Promotion Conference (Zhongshan Station), Erman lighting and the gongbujiangda county government signed two strategic cooperation agreements: one is to build a standardized marketing platform for characteristic agricultural and animal husbandry products in gongbujiangda County, and the first phase is to build three standardized sales platforms in gongbujiangda county and Zhongshan City, Promote the income increase of local farmers and herdsmen; The other is the poverty alleviation industry agritainment project in dapasa village. By upgrading the packaging of the poverty alleviation industry agritainment project in dapasa, a small agritainment complex integrating accommodation, catering and entertainment will be built

Han Yongjian said that the idea of Erman lighting's assistance to Tibet is "two-way operation": it not only connects Zhongshan lighting products and culture to the recipient, but also sells Plateau Characteristic Agricultural and animal husbandry products from the recipient to Zhongshan and even all parts of the country. "Two-way operation" will ultimately achieve a win-win situation. With the further promotion of Zhongshan counterpart support, more and more Zhongshan enterprises will invest in and pay attention to gongbujiangda, which will further promote the local economic and social development

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