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Zhongmai communication will participate in the 2020 China call center and enterprise communication conference

at present, the new infrastructure, as a major national strategic deployment, is accelerating. As the core elements of new infrastructure, ICT technologies such as 5g, cloud computing and artificial intelligence will drive the overall improvement of enterprise digital productivity and promote high-quality economic development

the 2020 China call center and enterprise communication conference, themed with the development opportunities and challenges of ICT Industry under the background of new infrastructure, will be held in Beijing on September 18. We will explore the development opportunities of new infrastructure together with you. Leading enterprises have not yet taken shape, and actively help the comprehensive recovery of ICT industry and help industrial chain enterprises overtake in the second half of the year

Zhongmai communication will participate in this conference and provide visitors with call center full ecological chain products (solutions) and services, including multi-channel contact center, intelligent voice quality inspection, intelligent network customer service, intelligent voice real-time assistance, intelligent voice navigation, intelligent voice outbound call and other products. Through strong ai+ communication technology support, coupled with the professional and rich customer service experience of Zhongmai communication team, it effectively helps the enterprise customer service center to successfully reduce costs and increase efficiency

on September 18, Liaoning Building in Beijing, venue address: No. A2, North Fourth Ring West Road, Haidian District, Beijing, meeting time: 8:: 30 Zhongmai communication booth is looking forward to your visit

introduction to China call center and Enterprise Communication Expo

Call Center Enterprise Communication Expo China is an annual conference of call center and enterprise communication hosted by CTI forum, a networking community and portal in the field of computer and communication in China this year. It is a window to display the most cutting-edge communication technology. Since the conference was successfully held in 2001, it has been held once a year and has been held for 19 times so far. It has become the largest professional event in the call center and enterprise communication field in the Asia Pacific region. Each session brings together authoritative experts, scholars and businesses in the ICT industry from all over Asia and even the world. 14 Computer display and data processing systems, manufacturers and end-users from various vertical industries, with a total number of professional visitors of more than 100000, are a professional event in the industry that ICT industry carries all systems of production, technology research and development, and all technology flow teams

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