Fujian foundry industry accelerates transformation

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Promote green manufacturing Fujian foundry industry to accelerate the transformation and upgrading

promote green manufacturing Fujian foundry industry to accelerate the transformation and upgrading

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the 2015 annual meeting of Fujian foundry industry association was held in Fu'an City, Ningde, Fujian Province not long ago. The convening of this annual meeting coincides with the critical period of China's industrial transformation and development, as well as the closing year of the implementation of the "12th Five Year Development Plan" in China's foundry industry. In order to promote the development and progress of the industry, nearly 100 entrepreneurs attended the meeting, discussed and exchanged enthusiastically in two days, and also went deep into local key foundry enterprises to visit and investigate

"the next three to five years will be the most difficult period for China's manufacturing industry. The foundry industry will also face severe challenges. How to adapt to the new normal, achieve real transformation and upgrading, and seek new development are issues that Fujian Foundry Association and local foundry entrepreneurs need to seriously consider." Representatives attending the meeting expressed to the author one after another

standing at a new starting point

the total scale of Fujian foundry industry does not account for a large proportion of the country, but as a basic industry, Fujian foundry enterprises have formed a number of nationally renowned backbone enterprises after dedicated development in recent years. As an important support for Fujian's equipment manufacturing industry and the foundation of industrial economy, they have made positive contributions to the economic and social development of Fujian Province. In the layout of the national foundry industry, they have also issued corresponding adjustments to the position of the tensioning wheel (the lower shroud of the main body needs to be removed and left behind); It plays a unique and irreplaceable role

there are more than 2500 foundry enterprises in Fujian Province. However, "it should be admitted that a series of problems and contradictions in China's foundry industry, which is large but not strong, also exist to varying degrees in the foundry industry in Fujian Province. There is still much room for improvement in product quality, technology, energy consumption and environmental protection. To make the foundry industry in Fujian Province bigger and stronger requires the joint efforts of colleagues in the foundry industry." Wang Dongsheng, Deputy Secretary General of China Foundry Association, said

at the end of 2014, Fujian Sanming Sanzhong casting and Forging Co., Ltd., Jinjiang zhongdeshun Machinery Co., Ltd. and Fujian Xinghang Machinery Casting Co., Ltd. reported to Fujian foundry industry association that enterprises had encountered difficulties in transformation and upgrading, and hoped that the government would give preferential policies to foundry enterprises on power consumption. In December, 2014, Fujian Casting Association urgent enterprises submitted to the provincial Commission of economy and information technology the report on accelerating the transformation and upgrading of Fujian's casting industry and applying for preferential power policies for foundry enterprises identified in the Ministry of industry and information technology's casting industry access announcement, with instructions from three enterprises attached. The Fujian Provincial Commission of economy and information technology attached great importance to the situation reflected by the provincial Casting Association, and soon replied to the letter (Min Jing Xin Zhuang Zi [2015] No. 253). The requirements mentioned in the report were approved one by one

at this annual meeting, Gao Weifeng, general manager of Fujian Sanming Sanzhong casting and Forging Co., Ltd., was happy to tell his peers that this problem has been solved and that he can enjoy preferential electricity consumption right away

"for the whole country, in order to promote transformation and upgrading, eliminate backward processes and equipment, and speed up the implementation of access conditions for the foundry industry, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province is in the forefront of the country in the implementation of differential electricity prices in various regions, but the specific rules are similar to those of Fujian Province. Ningbo municipal government adopts the method of punishment, while Fujian Province adopts the method of encouragement. For example, for the catalogue of the Ministry of industry and information technology The stipulated backward processes and equipment to be eliminated (including aluminum shell induction furnace) adopt the method of increasing the electricity charge by 0.1 ~ 0.3 yuan per degree to urge enterprises to eliminate as soon as possible. " Chen Qibing, executive vice president of Fujian Casting Association, said that Fujian Provincial Commission of economy and information technology and other relevant departments as well as governments at all levels attach great importance to the development of the casting industry

the author also felt this during his stay in Fu'an City. "Fu'an is the industrial and economic center of East Fujian, and metallurgical casting is the traditional pillar industry of Fu'an. It has a number of backbone enterprises engaged in casting production using advanced technology, such as Lisong casting, Dongyuan precision industry, Xinguang electric machinery, Yinjia electromechanical machinery and so on, which provide a solid foundation for building a 100 billion yuan industrial cluster of East Fujian electric machinery and appliances." Chen Wenqing, vice mayor of Fu'an, said in an interview. In recent years, Fu'an City has adhered to the industrial development strategy of "grasping the leading, casting the chain and building clusters", actively adapted to the new normal of economic development, deeply carried out a series of activities such as "going to the grass-roots level", "three to one look" and "three to one strengthening", strengthened the support for the real economy, and successively introduced a series of measures to benefit enterprises, such as stabilizing industrial growth, simplifying the certification of industrial plants, rewarding enterprises for increasing production and efficiency, and strengthening enterprise financing services, The implementation of the "one enterprise, one policy" support mechanism has enhanced the confidence of enterprises in development, promoted the steady growth of the industry and the rapid transformation of jiacui Lixin

further promote the entry declaration work

two thirds of foundry enterprises in Fujian Province are small and medium-sized enterprises. In order to take advantage of his experience to promote transformation and development, Fujian Casting Association organized a 27 person delegation, led by President Su Liang tape, to investigate 10 enterprises in Shandong Province from September 7 to 13. After visiting, Fujian foundry enterprises were deeply impressed by the advanced concepts, management experience and technical level of Shandong foundry enterprises, and saw their own gap and direction of efforts

taking the Shandong inspection as an opportunity, Fujian Casting Association has carried out fruitful work in many aspects. Especially in talent and brand cultivation. At the fourth council of the fifth Fujian Casting Association, everyone put forward their own views on the shortage and training of casting talents. Fugaosheng, President of Ningde vocational and technical college, said that the college will try its best to meet the needs of participating enterprises next year and offer professional courses in material forming and modification

it has been more than three years since the Ministry of industry and information technology implemented the announcement of casting industry access in 2013. Actively guiding enterprises to carry out the announcement and declaration of casting industry access and promoting green casting has become the top priority for Fujian Casting Association and the majority of enterprises to seek their own development

this year, 13 foundry enterprises in Fujian Province applied for the casting industry access announcement. Entrusted by the Fujian Provincial Economic and Information Commission, Fujian Casting Association carried out relevant technical services, and organized four experts to conduct technical review on the application materials of 13 foundry enterprises, of which 10 passed. Under the leadership of Luo Weigui, chief of the equipment industry department of the provincial Commission of economy and information technology, 10 enterprises were inspected on the spot together with the experts of the association. Eight enterprises met the requirements and reported to the Ministry of industry and information technology. In addition, five foundry enterprises identified by the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2013 and 2014 were selected for on-site review

Chen Qibing, executive vice president of Fujian Casting Association, told the author that in order to further do a good job in the declaration of access announcements, they will strengthen publicity in the future and eliminate blind spots to the greatest extent, especially in non-ferrous alloys and special castings. From next year, it is planned to hold the publicity and implementation training courses of "access conditions for the foundry industry" in various regions in turn, so as to make it well known to everyone. At the same time, it can also standardize the application of Shandong Sida high tech machinery equipment Co., Ltd. as a practical equipment high-tech enterprise integrating professional design, research and development, production and sales, so as to avoid or avoid detours. They will also create conditions for enterprises to declare. Through technological transformation, the aluminum shell medium frequency induction furnace is updated and eliminated, which is not only a "stumbling block" for the application enterprises, but also a prominent problem in the foundry industry in Fujian Province. The association plans to strive for special funds to subsidize this transformation of enterprises in 2016 to promote the implementation of transformation, upgrading and access

chenwenzhao, the former director of the Department of machinery industry of Fujian Province, said that on July 20 this year, the Fujian provincial Party committee and the provincial government issued the "several opinions on further accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading" and the "action plan for Fujian Province to implement the" made in China 2025 ". This is a specific action and measure taken by Fujian Province to actively connect with the national strategy and promote the leapfrog development of scientific development. For a long time to come, these two important documents will serve as policy guidelines and action programs for the industrial development of the province. In order to complete the tasks set by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, the foundry industry should take the lead in promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, set an example, take the initiative to connect with the national manufacturing development strategy and special actions, speed up the technological transformation of enterprises, and make intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, and the cooperation between the two chemical industries an important aspect of the new round of technological transformation, so as to promote the faster and better development of the foundry industry in Fujian Province

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