The 60 year growth history of Jiangmen paint facto

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60 years of Chinese paint: the growth process of Jiangmen paint factory

in 1965, the enterprise was founded, formerly known as "Jiangmen chemical refinery", renamed: Jiangmen resin factory, and also renamed: Jiangmen Dongfeng Chemical Factory

in 1970, according to the instructions of Premier Zhou Enlai who inspected Jiangmen, Jiangmen Dongfeng Chemical Plant was renamed as Jiangmen paint factory

in 1978, white amino baking varnish participated in the national industry quality evaluation and ranked first

in 1981, it was included in the "National Torch Plan" and listed as "a national phenomenon called condescending technological transformation project"; The output value in the same year exceeded 8million

In 1987, enterprises entered the system reform; The output value in the same year exceeded 8million

In 1989, Jiangmen paint factory began to expand, and 10000 tons of color paint production workshop, resin production workshop and science and technology building were successively built, with an annual production capacity of 40000 tons. It was listed as a "designated paint manufacturer" by the Ministry of chemical industry, and the "Jiangmen paint research institute" was established

in 1992, cd-89 inductive heating curing coil bottom was rated as "national new product" by the national science and Technology Commission, the national Ministry of labor and the National Bureau of technical supervision

In 1993, polyester furniture paint and latex paint production lines were expanded. It can be said that in 1997, the enterprise was transformed from a state-owned enterprise into a joint-stock limited company, officially renamed "Jiangmen paint factory Co., Ltd."

in 1999, from the government level, products entered the automotive application industry

in 2000, PJT wood paint resin and corresponding paint products were launched for the northern market

in 2001, PJs hand brush matte resin and corresponding paint products were launched

in 2004, it cooperated with Taiwan Guojing chemical company to develop into a large chemical group enterprise

in 2006, a new modern production base was built, with an annual production capacity of more than 100000 tons

in 2008, the new 100000 ton base was officially completed, and the company entered resource integration and accelerated international development

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