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The 5th China (Beijing) International Packaging Industry Exhibition

the 5th China (Beijing) International packaging industry


held at the same time: the Fifth China International Exhibition of prepress, Postpress and printing technology and equipment

time: August 13-15, 2003

location: Beijing · China International Exhibition Center

approved by:

Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China

sponsored by:

Beijing International Science and Technology Exchange Center

co organized by:

China Packaging

.Beijing Printing Association


Beijing WorldExpo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Shixing Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

media support:

China Packaging Exhibition

China Packaging monthly

Market Outlook:

with the great opportunity brought by China's entry into WTO and Beijing's successful Olympic bid, China's packaging industry is facing another new development climax, Packaging enterprises will have increasingly frequent business exchanges at home and abroad. In order to meet the urgent needs of business exchanges in the new development period, timely reply to the inquiries of domestic and foreign buyers, trading companies, import and export companies, at the same time, in order to have a basic understanding of the distribution and general situation of enterprises in the national packaging industry, so as to facilitate the macro decision-making of government management departments, and provide excellent opportunities to comply with the development of domestic and foreign manufacturers and expand the market. After careful preparation, the "5th China (Beijing) International Packaging Industry Exhibition" (the 5th China International prepress, post press and printing technology and equipment exhibition held at the same time) was selected to be held in Beijing, China's political and cultural exchange center, in order to take advantage of Beijing's unique advantages in industry, economy, transportation, information exchange and other aspects, Show the world the huge market potential of China's packaging technology, modern production technology and future development direction, and provide a great business opportunity for domestic and foreign enterprises to exchange and cooperate economic and technological information when the drug temperature during transportation is kept between 15 (2) and 2 degrees Celsius

this exhibition is held in Beijing on the basis of the success of Shanghai. In order to expand the popularity and influence of the exhibition, the organizer has adopted a strong promotion plan. No matter from the scale, grade and audience organization of the exhibition, it will be more than previous sessions. At that time, many professionals will visit and participate in the exhibition. Domestic and foreign enterprises from all over the world will show their latest products, technologies and equipment in this industry. Welcome to sign up for the exhibition

exhibition schedule:

exhibition time: August 11-12, 2003

exhibition time: August 13-15, 2003

withdrawal time: August 15, 2003

exhibition location:

China International Exhibition Center (No. 6, North Third Ring East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing)

exhibition scope:

packaging exhibition area:

packaging machinery (including food packaging machinery, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, cosmetic packaging equipment, chemical packaging equipment) Packaging equipment accessories, strapping and packaging machines, sealing and labeling machines, packaging materials, packaging material processing machinery, packaging products, pulp molding manufacturing equipment, honeycomb paperboard manufacturing equipment, auxiliary packaging machinery, packaging containers and processing equipment, related dynamometer part installation uneven machinery and products, packaging testing instruments, packaging design software, packaging publications and media

packaging and printing equipment exhibition area:

packaging and printing technology and equipment, camera plate making, iron printing and can making, silk printing, printing and decoration, corrugated box, flexible packaging equipment, trademark label equipment, box pasting machinery, bag making machinery, plastic flexible packaging machinery, color printing and decoration equipment, lamination, glazing, oiling, bronzing, die cutting, indentation, slitting, coating and other post printing processing equipment

carton equipment exhibition area:

corrugated board production line, ink printing slotting machine, duplicating machine, die-cutting machine, carton machine

organization, publicity and promotion of professional audiences:

1 Print 300000 visiting tickets and send them to professionals through the database of domestic and foreign professional buyers established by the organization unit. In addition, through various industry associations, organize official visiting groups, trade visiting groups and expert groups to visit the site for guidance and exchange

2. It is planned to do a lot of publicity and promotion on more than 30 relevant media at home and abroad

mainstream media: CCTV, people, economy, Beijing Evening News, Beijing times, Beijing Youth Daily, Xinbao, Beijing, Beijing TV and other key reports before or during the conference

professional media: China Packaging monthly, China packaging industry, packaging world, packaging family, China Packaging News, China Packaging News, China Packaging magazine, packaging and related industry information, China food industry, packaging and food machinery, packaging and related industry information, Guangdong packaging, packaging vertical and horizontal, Taiwan packaging industry "Chinese and foreign printing and packaging", "packaging and printing", "paper shopping guide", China packaging, China packaging business, China packaging information

3 Invite industry authorities to organize academic reports and technical exchanges

exhibition expenses:

9m2 standard booth charges (including the exhibition site, 2.5m high wallboard, a Chinese and English import volume of 1.37 million tons; among them, the United States ranks first in the lintel, a negotiation table, two chairs, a 220V power socket, two spotlights, and the booth is covered with carpets)

domestic enterprises: rmb6800/piece (3m × 3m);

foreign funded enterprises: RMB10000 yuan/piece (3m × 3m);

foreign enterprises: 2500 dollars/piece (3m × 3m);

indoor light floor: charge (rent at least 36m2, including exhibition space, security, cleaning services)

domestic enterprises: 700 yuan/m2

foreign funded enterprises: 1000 yuan/m2

foreign enterprises: 250 US dollars/m2

provide services free of charge: publish a 100 word Chinese profile in the conference catalogue, regularly clean the exhibition venue and guard the venue 24 hours

provide tickets and invitations for exhibitors to invite customers

exhibition procedures:

fill in the exhibition application form and mail or fax it to the organization unit

within 7 days of applying for the booth, pay the exhibition fee [50% (deposit) or the full amount] by telegraphic transfer or to the organizing committee, and the balance will be paid before July 10, 2003

booth sequence allocation principle: "apply first, pay first, arrange first", double-sided open booth will be charged 20% extra

after remitting various fees, exhibitors should fax the bank remittance slip to the Organizing Committee

after receiving the booth fee, the organizing committee will send the exhibition manual to exhibitors before June 15, 2003

technical exchange lectures:

during the exhibition, the organizer will organize many technical exchange meetings to carry out international technical and trade exchanges, promote and introduce products. All units can apply for the event. Please set your own theme and report it to the organizing unit together with the visit registration form, so as to arrange the exchange venue and equipment in time and arrange professional audiences

each exchange meeting is limited to 4 hours and charges 5800 yuan. Please send the summary of the exchange content to the organization unit in advance

◇ cover: ¥ 20000 yuan ◇ back cover: ¥ 18000 yuan ◇ back cover: ¥ 15000 yuan

◇ front cover: ¥ 10000 yuan ◇ front page: ¥ 15000 yuan ◇ color full page: ¥ 5000 yuan

◇ black and white full page: ¥ 3000 yuan ◇ text full page: ¥ 1500 yuan ◇ text half page: ¥ 500 yuan

other advertisements:

◇ invitation advertisement: ¥ 8000 yuan/10000 ◇ admission ticket: ¥rmb 5000/10000 sheets (starting from 30000 sheets)

◇ balloon advertisement: ¥ 20000 yuan/exhibition period ◇ inflatable arch: ¥ 25000 yuan/exhibition period

◇ banner: ¥ 20000 yuan/exhibition period ◇ gift bag advertisement: ¥ 38000 yuan/20000

magazine advertisements:

the magazine will be sent to the audience and exhibitors during the conference. In the next year, the organizer will cooperate with relevant industry associations/societies across the country to jointly distribute it, so as to expand the popularity of exhibitors and increase trade channels

note: Journal size 210 × 285mm, please submit the film or design draft to the organizing committee before July 10, 2003

exhibitors can enjoy service content:

1 Assist in arranging the transportation of exhibitors and the permanent theme accommodation of "innovation for you (referring to the ultimate consumer)"

2. Assist in arranging exhibition transportation and customs declaration of exhibitors

3. Assist exhibitors to hold various forms of product launches and seminars during the exhibition

4. Assist exhibitors in handling special booth design and exhibition arrangement, leasing additional exhibition equipment, power equipment, hiring temporary staff, translators, etiquette ladies and other matters

Organizing Committee Secretariat:

if you want to sign up for the exhibition, please fill in the exhibition application contract, affix your official seal and fax it to:

address: room 207, Kaitai apartment, building 5, yard 3, yanjingli middle street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

postal code: 100025



e-mail: 7887bj@

Contact: Lin Qing

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