The 600000 ton coal to olefin project of Zhonghuo

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The 600000 ton coal to olefin project of China coal group started construction on May 28, the 600000 ton coal to olefin project of China Coal Energy Yili coal electrification Co., Ltd. started construction. This is the first coal to olefin project approved for filing in Xinjiang. It is also the first large-scale coal chemical project planned and constructed by China Coal Group in Yili

the project is located in Yinan Industrial Park, Qapqal Xibe Autonomous County, Xinjiang, with a total investment of 21.134 billion yuan and an annual output of 300000 tons of polyethylene and polypropylene and other by-products. The annual coal consumption of the project is 5.1 million tons. After the project is put into operation, the annual sales revenue is about 6 and the demand for profit maximization is 947 million yuan. The annual average profit is 2.725 billion yuan and the income tax paid is 680 million yuan

according to Ji Xilai, vice chairman and party secretary of China Coal Energy Group Corporation, China Coal Energy Group's investment and construction plan in Xinjiang will initially build Tuha coal transportation and coal power base, Zhundong coal electrification high-performance carbon fiber characteristic industrial cluster base, Yili coal chemical base and Urumqi surrounding coal machinery equipment base by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, with a coal design and production capacity of more than 40million tons

add a layer of material to the printing layer. It is understood that China Coal Energy Group is the second largest coal production enterprise in China. The scroll spring fatigue testing machine protection method is type 1: its main businesses include coal production and trade, coal chemical industry, pithead power generation, coal mine construction, coal machine manufacturing, coalbed methane development and related engineering and technical services, in large-scale coal coke chemical industry and coal based alcohol ether, olefin chemical industry Coal based manufacturing and other fields rank at the national leading level. By the end of last year, the total assets of China coal energy group had reached 172.6 billion yuan

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