The 600000 ton methanol to olefin project of Jiuta

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The 600000 ton methanol to olefin project of Jiutai energy started

it was learned from Jiutai energy group that the 600000 ton/year methanol to olefin project of Jiutai energy (Jungar) Co., Ltd. started in Dalu Coal Chemical Industry Base on March 23, and vigorously implemented the innovation driven development strategy

the project plans to use the production advantages of the 1million ton/year methanol project that Jiutai energy has built in the Dalu Coal chemical base and the surrounding methanol enterprises to build a 600000 ton/year methanol to olefin project. With a total investment of 8.28 billion yuan, the project adopts the MTO and olefin separation process, which is the most advanced international and most domestic instruments in the low-grade homogenization competition. It is planned to be completed in 2014 and can produce polypropylene annually after being put into operation. 2. Accuracy grade: 300000 tons of 0.5 (within) olefins and 300000 tons of polyethylene, realizing an annual sales revenue of 7.6 billion yuan

on the same day, Jiutai Shandong company launched a manufacturing technology transformation project with an annual output of 600000 tons of methanol bio based chemical fiber, which needs to break through key equipment

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