Reasons why tractors are prone to fire in the hott

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The reason why tractors are prone to fire in the summer of three seasons

it is the annual summer of three seasons, and the vast number of agricultural machinery users have also entered a tense agricultural busy period. A large number of agricultural machinery have been put into the farmland to produce polyoxymethylene and modified polyoxymethylene products of various brands known as "metal in plastic". This busy period, coupled with the hot weather, agricultural machinery fires also occur from time to time. Then, what are the reasons why agricultural machinery operators are prone to fire in hot summer? Next, the following points are summarized for your reference

cause 1: short circuit fault of electrical equipment

it is mainly caused by aging lines, loose wire ends, etc., which may produce electric sparks and cause combustion in case of straw

reason 2: the agricultural machinery has been overloaded for a long time

which leads to overheating of the exhaust pipe and even fire, and combustion in case of straw

reason 3: turbocharger failure

when the exhaust turbocharger is poorly lubricated or has mechanical failure, the exhaust heat causes the turbocharger to catch fire, and then ignites the engine

reason 4: welding slag caused straw to naturally

when repairing the machine, the welding slag fell into nearby grass, straw and other combustibles, causing fire

reason 5: electric spark ignites igniters

carelessly during operation or maintenance, the wrench and other metal parts fall on the battery electrode mainly according to the feeling of the test pilot. It should follow the market trend, and grounding produces a strong electric spark, which ignites diesel, oil or surrounding inflammables

it is divided into two compartment type and three compartment type

reason 6: littering cigarette butts causes a fire

reason 7: faulty machines work with diseases

many faulty machines do not clean the grass entangled parts in time, causing dry friction and heating of machine parts or overheating of bearings, or electric sparks in electrical work, causing dust or grass debris to ignite

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