Recalling the era of zero packaging without white

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No "white pollution" and "zero packaging" era memories

old shopping packaging, no white pollution, plastic packaging bags are also very rare

the first time I saw plastic bags was in 1955. My parents took me to visit the Soviet exhibition hall. The exhibition hall located on Liuhua Road, in the eyes of five or six-year-old children, magnificent venues and huge machinery are unattractive. At the exit of the exhibition hall, candy and biscuits packaged in plastic bags with Limited tickets are firmly tied to our eyes, but we can't tie the saliva that keeps flowing out. This plastic bag was kept by our friends until the years of anti repair and anti repair, and was taken out as evidence of Su Xiu cultural aggression

plastic bags are luxury goods. How did the Guangzhou market in the 1950s and 1960s package goods according to the force value of the tested range of the electronic tensile testing machine

aquatic plants are the main binding supplies, leafy vegetables and pork are bound with aquatic plants after weighing, and fish pieces are bound after cutting to prevent falling off; Tofu is either brought with its own utensils, or the salesperson will use two thick vegetable leaves (such as Chinese cabbage and Junda dish) to clamp it with water and grass, and then bind it. Agricultural products such as oil tofu (called doubu in Guangzhou), taro, arrowhead mushrooms, and winter melon pumpkins that are difficult to bind, will be tied up with water and grass with a big iron needle, and smaller ones such as kidney beans and water chestnut, will be packed with paper bags and bound with water and grass

at that time, there were no bottled and bagged goods for sale: noodles and black beans were packed with vegetable leaves for a penny or two, and fermented bean curd was packed without packaging for a penny. Vegetable leaves could also be provided for storage. Soy sauce was sold in its own bottles by grade, and the weight was calculated with measuring tools made of bamboo tubes, and salt was packed in paper bags

buying apples and pears is to help peel them. The salesperson is an acrobat. He holds a knife in his right hand and a fruit in his left hand. His hands rotate very fast and can be cut in ten seconds. Then, he throws the fruit into the air. The knife in his right hand cleaves the fruit. This fruit can't be disconnected, but can only be clenched together with the knife. He bubbles the fruit on the knife into the basin containing salt water and hands it to the customer. If you don't practice this skill, you won't want to mix in this industry. As for the legendary single knife cutting double fruit at the same time, and double knife cutting single fruit at the same time, the author is still young and has not seen it and dare not speak falsely. Introduction to the working principle of pomelo door Brinell hardness tester. It also uses a cow bone knife to remove the skin and tendons on behalf of customers. It takes about ten seconds before and after that, and then bind the water and grass. As for more purchases, fruit stores will provide small baskets made of bamboo strips, which are recycled, that is, lent to customers. Of course, the returned small bamboo basket can usually be exchanged for a small fruit, which children compete to complete

the binding of wine bottles is a technical activity. According to the number of bottles, there are strict operating procedures. The rope used for binding is hemp thin rope or paper thick rope. Carry the bound bottles home without the risk of loosening and breaking the rope

the aroma of the roaster will stop children passing by, including juice last year and no juice. If there is juice, such as roast duck, the meat will be chopped and cut, and the sour radish appetizer will be delivered, and the lotus leaf water grass will be wrapped into zongzi. Juicless ones, such as roast meat and barbecue, are much simpler. Just roll water and grass with paper and tie them up

the mid autumn moon cake has the difference between Jin and Jiatou. The latter is slightly larger, and the moon cake we see now is basically Jiatou. The package is rolled with four pieces of paper together. Oil and water make the paper bag translucent. Then stick a piece of red paper to indicate the manufacturer, and bind it with paper rope. It was a dream of young men in those days to run to their future mother-in-law's house with this kind of moon cake wrapped in earth before the festival

in those days, there was no concept of fast food. There were boxed meals, but I only saw them on the Beijing Guangzhou train. In 1966, as a student, I took the No. 16 train to Beijing. The lunch on the train was boxed, but the difference was that the lunch box was made of very thin wood. Small restaurants in Guangzhou sell dishes, which are closest to modern fast food. At that time, the more elegant name was Dishou rice, and the market name was holding incense burner. Most of the customers were bachelors and porters. It's also easy to pack porridge and flour shops. You can either bring your own utensils or leave a deposit to take the bowl away

soda beer sells liquid, and bottles are recycled and reused

grain and oil stores don't say that they are packed in bags or bottles. All of them bring their own rice bags and oil bottles. Pay for the vouchers at the designated store. Just put down the rice bags and oil bottles. The clerk will deliver them to the door at no extra charge

although there are many kinds of packaging now, I still miss the zero packaging decades ago. It is so pure, so simple, so elegant, and so skillful.

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