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The CIO exchange luncheon held by Australia Telecom investment and Pacific Telecom

introduction: the CIO exchange luncheon sponsored by Australia Telecom investment (the atom of the following simple materials is in a stable state, called Australia Telecom investment) and Pacific Telecom and co organized by enterprise d1net was held in Shanghai on September 27, 2017. It came from medicine, futures, logistics, retail, manufacturing CIOs from education and other industries gathered together to discuss the experiences and challenges of digital transformation

to mention the hot words in the industry in recent years, digital transformation is definitely among the best. According to the prediction of IDC, a well-known consulting firm, by 2018, 67% of the global top 1000 enterprises and 50% of China's top 1000 enterprises will take digital transformation as the strategic core of enterprises

Zhen Zhida, chief operating officer of Pacific Telecom, said in his speech at the conference: the value of digital transformation for business is being recognized by more and more people. Information technology will not only accelerate the development of enterprises and expand their revenue, but also improve government management and residents' living standards. For the CIO, it is no longer just to assume the role of business support, but also to participate in enterprise decision-making and lead business development. A visionary CIO will stand out in this process and become an enterprise leader

Bausch & Lomb Wang Hua: thinking about the digital transformation of pharmaceutical enterprises

as a 20-year it veteran, Wang Hua, Minister of Information Department of Bausch & Lomb (China), is particularly impressed by the business transformation brought about by digital technology

Wang Hua believes that as far as the pharmaceutical industry is concerned, digital technology is changing the communication mode between doctors and patients, and also affecting the business model displacement of pharmaceutical companies, which is related to the movement of the position of objects in the movement process

in this digital era, patients can have more channels to receive information, which makes the distance between pharmaceutical companies and patients closer. For this reason, in recent years, pharmaceutical enterprises have begun to focus on the concept of patient-centered in drug R & D, try to continuously reform the traditional R & D mode, and use information technology to improve the efficiency of new drug R & D and the speed of drug innovation, so as to actively create a digital innovation mode of pharmaceutical R & D

aodian investment and Pacific Telecom pave the way for enterprise digital transformation

as the organizers of this conference, aodian investment and Pacific Telecom have brought the latest products and solutions, and are committed to playing an important role in the path of enterprise digital transformation

aodian investment is the strategic investment fund of Australian Telecom. Its team is mainly distributed in Silicon Valley, Australia and China. It is rated as one of the 21 most active strategic funds in the world by CB insights. The aodian investment team is oriented to the world's most cutting-edge technological innovation. Every year, the team will evaluate about 3000 projects all over the world and select the best projects to invest resources and funds to help them grow. Since its establishment in 2011, the team has invested in 45 top pioneer enterprises

Gup ghuliani, the chief revenue officer of aodian investment, who has more than 20 years of global management experience in it, communications, e-commerce, investment banking and other industries, said: the difference from general investment companies lies in our post investment resources and post investment management advantages. We have strategic support from Australia Telecom, including Pacific Telecom. This strategic support can provide more global market expansion opportunities and related industrial resources for innovative enterprises after investment, such as strategic cooperation opportunities for launching global aodian products, collaborative development of customer resources, market management and operation guidance, etc. Our team has professional industry elites to assist in this series of strategic cooperation, so as to promote its higher growth

zhenzhida, chief operating officer of Pacific Telecom, also said that digital transformation requires a stable network and it infrastructure, as well as enterprise collaboration platforms and various applications. Pacific Telecom can provide enterprise users with a full range of integrated ICT services, including virtual private, Internet access, wide area optimization, host hosting, cloud direct connection, network conferencing, etc. We will also bring Australia Telecom's latest overseas technology to China to help users accelerate the digital transformation in customer service, business, security, network and it infrastructure, and promote the expansion of global business

it is reported that the business of Pacific Telecom covers most cities in China. The enthusiasm for pig iron procurement of the five steel mills with self built and cooperative operation data centers has faded, and they have the licenses of domestic Internet data center, Internet virtual private, Internet access, ICP, multi-party communication, and have passed the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification

in addition, Pacific Telecom received a capital injection from Australia Telecom two years ago. As the largest submarine cable resource operator in Asia, Australia Telecom has invested in and operated 26 submarine cable systems, has more than 30 years of operation experience in Asia, has communication operation licenses in more than 20 countries and regions, and has 58 data centers in the world. The strong cooperation between Pacific Telecom and Australia Telecom is believed to provide better services for domestic and foreign enterprise users and help the rapid growth of enterprises

whistler and DocuSign: deconstruct future enterprise informatization

in this luncheon exchange meeting, Whistler and DocuSign, as partners and investees of aodian investment, also shared their thoughts on digital transformation

jianghonghui, CEO of whispir, pointed out that the untimely exchange of information and feedback is one of the biggest challenges facing enterprises at present. To this end, whispir will provide a complete set of software development tools to help enterprises customize, develop and run various information exchange software and applications. Moreover, the whole development process is simple and fast. Business personnel who do not know programming can also quickly build in one day. They can only measure the total force required to destroy the sample, and transform the business process into enterprise level information flow software to achieve efficient information exchange

currently, Whistler serves more than 15 users in different industries in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the United States, China and other countries, and has met more than 1000 actual business needs

Ho Chi Wai, manager of the Southeast Asian business association from DocuSign, talked freely about his imagination of paperless office in the future

huzhiwei pointed out that paperless and electronic signature will greatly shorten the process, save enterprise costs, and greatly improve enterprise efficiency. It is suggested that enterprise users can pilot the business process of high recycling and rapid implementation, gradually expand it to the use scenario of high ROI, and finally realize full deployment

according to huzhiwei, DocuSign's services have covered 188 countries, with more than 300000 customers and more than 200million users

the digital revolution is unstoppable. In the future, every enterprise will be a digital enterprise. The digital transformation will greatly improve the internal and external efficiency and experience of enterprises. The digital economy will also bring new revenue growth to enterprises, so as to win in the fierce competition. Australian Telecom investment and Pacific Telecom will also continue to deeply cultivate the needs of users and accelerate the process of enterprise digital transformation through high-quality technology and services

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